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Best Ever Conference: An Experience You Can't Miss!

Last week, the Volhawk team had a productive time attending The Best Ever Commercial Real Estate Conference in Salt Lake City.  Please enjoy the short video capturing moments of the event.  

Different Perspectives on the Near-Term U.S. Economy

  1. David Rosenberg, President of Rosenberg Research, strongly predicts an inevitable recession and recommends defensive investment positioning.

    1. He argues that historically, the full impact of interest rate hikes on the economy tends to materialize only after the Fed begins lowering interest rates.

    2. Rosenberg's research indicates a decrease in excess savings and a rise in delinquencies in consumer credit card debt, signaling financial stress and suggesting a potential stock market downturn.

  2. John Chang, Director of Marcus & Millichap, advises investors to focus on long-term demand drivers rather than short-term volatility.  He emphasizes important trends we should keep in mind:

    1. High demand for housing across the country is due to the large Millennial generation forming households and increasing demand from aging baby boomers for medical office and senior housing.

    2. Housing affordability is a challenge, and public policy like rent control could negatively affect multifamily investors.

    3. Digital transformation and remote work will continue making a great impact on commercial real estate.

    4. A shift in supply chains from Asia to Latin America and Canada is presenting opportunities in the industrial segment.

Commercial Real Estate Lending

  1. Neal Bawa, a respected multifamily investor, provided insights into the current real estate environment, particularly focusing on banks facing crises from the commercial real estate downturn.

  2. He sees minimal systematic risk to the overall banking system, but warns against borrowing from banks with high commercial real estate exposure, as they may face distress and call in loans.

  3. Banks are more inclined to extend loans on distressed office buildings rather than multifamily properties, which are considered more stable and solvent.

CRE Market Activity and Outlook

  1. Kyle Matthews, CEO of Matthews Real Estate Investment Services, anticipates historically low transaction volume in 2024, with the industry filtering out weaker players to leave room for those who persevere.

  2. Seller sentiment is shifting, with pricing adjustments accelerating in the last 90 days compared to the previous nine months.  This presents opportunities for buyers to secure deals with better cost bases in the next 12-18 months.

As the Volhawk team believes that buying right is essential for successful investment, we maintain discipline in our strategy and remain vigilant about market trends.  We prioritize building a resourceful community to navigate both prosperous and challenging times, nurturing relationships with colleagues, lenders, brokers, and property managers.  Our commitment is to provide investors with fruitful investments and world-class service.

If you're interested in exploring real estate investing, feel free to reach out to us.  While we may or may not be the right fit, we are committed to providing transparent information to help you make informed decisions.


To learn more about Volhawk and its opportunities, click the button below…


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