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Millennials Are Leading the Declining Homeownership Trend. What Does That Mean For Apartments?

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Volhawk Team

Oct 21, 2022

More U.S. households currently are renters than at any point since 1965. For a third of them it’s by choice, not circumstances.

The attractions of renting for all age groups:

  • Affordability

  • Freedom to choose where and how to live

  • The convenience of working and playing in the same area

  • Amenities such as fitness centers, game rooms, community rooms, and quiet workstations

The New York Fed reports that the share of respondents to its 2022 Housing Survey saying housing is a “bad” or “somewhat bad” investment rose 52% in one year.

Millennials are leading the rental trend.

  • Renting makes access to trendy, desirable areas of town more affordable.

  • Millennials prefer flexibility and value a rewarding, meaningful career over a stable, consistent one, and renting allows them to pursue these ambitions more easily.

  • They are more mobile than other generations. It is easier to end a lease than to sell a home fast.

  • For hard-working Millennials who covet their free time and have funds left over to enjoy it, passing yardwork, repairs, and maintenance to a landlord is a big plus.

More empty nesters do not want to care for a home.

  • Like Millennials, they want to avoid the hidden the costs of ownership and enjoy life, not work hard for their house.

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